Over Your Dead Body

by The Scissors

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With the release of Over Your Dead Body, Chicago’s The Scissors deliver a guitar-driven, ten song work that is catchy, creepy, and cuts to the point. Yvonne’s lyrics haul a menacing swagger from front to back. The five piece band happened upon each other through Chicago’s vibrant and traffic-heavy music scene. Coming off Warped Tour with a new album, The Scissors will enter 2013 with momentum, and an electrifying live show to go with it.


released September 28, 2012

Produced by Steve Mast and The Scissors. Recorded at Catfish Studios, Lombard. Engineered by Wes Kosakowski. Mixed/Mastered at KBAUDIO Los Angeles by Kyle Black.

Yvonne Szumski – Vocals, Guitar • Darren Vorel- Guitar, Vocals • Steve Mast- Guitar, Vocals • Ken Fletcher – Bass • David Schneider- Drums

Track Listing:
Skeletons • Stay Away • A-List • Breakout • Lurker • Best Part Of Me
Be Wrong Tonight • Over Your Dead Body • Never Been



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The Scissors Chicago, Illinois

Chicago's, The Scissors continue to match the intensity of punk rock with enough pop appeal that will make your head spin with their songs for days! -Jesse Menendez, Vocalo 89.5 FM

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Track Name: Skeletons
all my faith in you is dying there’s so much i thought i knew all i see are bodies lying no one here tells the truth how could i’ve possibly seen or have known all of this was such a grave situation with all of my living days left i’ll be working myself to death from digging up your skeletons i’ve been out digging up skeletons now it’s hard to be around you all i see are wandering eyes won’t be long till your ghosts haunt you for all your little white lies how many times did you think you could bury the past away and live in this disguise if you had just loved me i wouldn’t be knee deep in bones and secrets digging up your skeletons and i’m finding out that you were with all of them you put me in this ditch and now i’ve got no energy to crawl out so i guess i’m sleeping with your skeletons
Track Name: Stay Away
shadows fall on crucifixes hanging at the door rumors flood these lonely streets don’t know what you’re in for take it from me this is no place to be it’ll eat you up inside all that you’ll be is a fuck up like me so you better run and hide just stay away if you wanna see tomorrow stay away once you’re in there’s no escape they don’t give out second chances here today hospitals and cemeteries passed along the way go ahead avoid them but we’ll all be there someday take it from me this is my guarantee you will never be the same i’ve seen it before this is hell this is war so you best just stay away
Track Name: A-List
if tyson comes i’ll fight him dracula i’ll bite him the devil comes for me and i’ll give him hell gacy comes i’ll clown him jason comes i’ll drown him seven deadly sins and i know them well in case you haven’t heard i’m not the greatest guy around but i still find ways to make my mamma proud i am the best at being a mess i am the greatest of the most hated i come in first at being the worst i’m on the a-list crash the prom with carrie stare down bloody mary lorena comes i’ll throw that dog a bone steal rosemary’s baby drive nurse ratchet crazy medusa looks at me she’ll turn to stone in case you haven’t heard i’m not the greatest gal around but i still find ways to make my daddy proud i’m no angel i know exactly where i stand yeah i’m no angel i know exactly who i am i’m a no good two timing lying cheat and if i’m going to hell then you’re coming with me
Track Name: Breakout
i’ve got a fire burning inside i’ve got a hunger for doing things right ‘cause i’m a fighter and i’m willing to fight to break out stop me from hurting myself but don’t ask me to live like somebody else ‘cause i’m a fighter and I’m willing to fight to break out step up or move out you’ve got to decide are you with me against me how hard do i fight i’ve got a vision of gold and i won’t let you down no i won’t i’m gonna break out it’s no surprise that you’re feeling left out but the surprise is you feel that i let you down life is getting harder now who did what and who did how doesn’t seem to matter to me like it did when we were kids i’ll feel so much better when we can stop pretending we all don’t care to break out show me what makes you tick is it a passion do you need it to live i’ve gotta know that you’re willing to fight to break out
Track Name: Lurker
way down by the river where no one goes there’s a man who hides out and only comes when the moon is low rumors float around his teeth are sharp as knives no one dares to face this man alive better keep your women in lock your doors you never know who he’s coming for who’s that guy lurking in the dark he’s got fangs (he’s insane) he’s got it out for you who’s that guy lurking around you seasons change but our hearts they run cold we drown ourselves in whiskey to warm our souls there’s been talk of help for the creature of the night so now there’s two and only one of you you’d better run and hide we wish destruction on ourselves yeah that’s for sure but when we get cornered like mice we beg for more
Track Name: Best Part Of Me
i’m like a starlette in an old time movie i’ve got a face that repeats and you don’t want it to go i’ve got the walk and the talk and the image that keeps you glued on everything that i do i’ve had it with the way i’m feeling you belong to me my darling the ins and the outs and the ups and the downs they’re taking the best part of me chasing you down like a prince to the crown and it’s taking the best part of me and when i close my eyes i can see it you following me and you don’t want to let go of the thrill of the chase of the moment you’re in so deep with everything that i do no surrender no more fighting spinning inside like a carnival ride all i can give is the best part of me I will not leave you i won’t stay away i’m down on my knees begging please won’t you leave me alone
Track Name: Be Wrong Tonight
you never noticed believe me i know this you think that we’re all the same that i’m just another name my head’s on a swivel you’re talking in riddles how was this ever right it don’t matter i’m gonna be wrong tonight now you’ll finally see what it’s like no one’s gonna tell me what to do I just wanna act like i’m not supposed to you keep pushing me aside but i’m not waiting up for you not this time i don’t need your heartbeat to lean on let’s put it all on the table i’m done being faithful you wasted half my time it’s time to take back what’s mine now shut up and listen look at what you’ll be missing so that you hear me right is it so wrong to want my revenge or should i just let it mend will it get worse if i act out of spite or should i just do what’s right i’m gonna go get mine don’t care what you do or say tonight i’m gonna do everything my way
Track Name: Over Your Dead Body
everything is going wrong you and i can’t get along like heads out on the chopping block we’re guaranteed to fall i can’t breathe you’re playing rough all you do is cut me up i’m like your misfits posters got me pinned against the wall there is something i should say i’m loving every single day without you feeling brand new i hope you’re lying in your grave when i get the chance to make my day it’ll be over your dead body when you’re gone i’ll celebrate throw the dirt and walk away i’m on my way back to the top and you’re on your way down i’m all set now i’ve washed you off my hands
Track Name: Never Been
i should’ve listened when they said you weren’t for me i must have missed it everybody saw what i couldn’t see involved myself in all the craziness you started and now i’m left with all my tears and broken hearted i wish you and i had never been together i was young i thought the whole world of a boy who controlled me because i was his girl i’ll never be so miserable in love i’ve given all i got there won’t be another shot before i knew it i was sitting back at your place who was i kidding there was nothing in that room left to chase what’s wrong with me what’s right with you why can’t we shut it off won’t run in circles anymore because enough is enough