by The Scissors

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Reviewed as the Scissors' best material to date as well making an appearance on Go Kart Records' "Pop Punk's Not Dead" (Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Squirtgun) complicated by Dave Parasite (The Parasites).

"VIVA" comes Two years in the making with Matt Allison at Atlas Studios, who's best known for his work with Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms, Methadones, and the Bollweevils. "VIVA" is for fans of the LILLINGTONS, ALKALINE TRIO, SCREECHING WEASEL, and BAD RELIGION.


Whisper • M.I.A. • Back 2 School • Every Single One • You Can't Just Go Around Killing People Permanent Midnight • Wayne • Eraser • Karate Bonnie • Spring Break • Lower Your Gun •
The Hating Game • The Man


released August 16, 2007

Recorded at Atlas Studios, Chicago. Engineered by Matt Allison.



all rights reserved


The Scissors Chicago, Illinois

Chicago's, The Scissors continue to match the intensity of punk rock with enough pop appeal that will make your head spin with their songs for days! -Jesse Menendez, Vocalo 89.5 FM

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Track Name: Whisper
I have a feeling when the sun goes down. It’s like the night sky falls on top of a very tortured soul. Don’t know quite yet if it’s the end of me But I can see no light around here for miles just the sound. This country is so cold; you’re immortal so I’m told. As we walk with a whisper don’t let the vampire wake we will survive. Because tonight were waiting for the daylight Don’t let the night sit back and watch us die. I have a feeling that my death is near. Can’t escape my fate is sealed with a thousand bloody years. Don’t know quite yet if it’s the enemy But I can see no crucifix for miles just the sounds. Can’t wait for sunny days For now we kneel and pray. As we walk with a whisper don’t let the vampire wake we will survive Because tonight were waiting for the daylight Don’t let the night sit back and watch us die Don’t let the vampire wake for then we kneel and pray
Track Name: M.I.A.
Gotta slow down cause my mind is sick. I think about death as a positive. Gotta slow down I feel a bit out of control. When the first one hit I felt no pain at all but when the last one hit I couldn’t break my fall. I gotta calm down, this used to be under control. It’s to late I’m just getting old. It’s to late have to let this go. I feel my days (days that you’ve been sleeping through) are numbered as I stay (its killing me and I wonder who’s connected too)Connected to the life I’ve thrown away I’m missing M.I.A. Gotta find out what my mission is More TV. more beer more sedatives. Gotta calm down this used to be under control. but I never want a life that’s full of shit And it looks as though I can’t avoid it.Try to calm down you used to be under control. It’s too late I’m just getting old. It’s to late have to let this go. Coffee with me tonight And show me what its like To be young in love again Come be with me tonight And show me what its like To be young in love again
Track Name: Back 2 School
This is my agenda, gonna be a new day I got no fucking friends but they’d just get in my way I’ve grown quite a bit since I was asked to leave But I would never quit, cuz quitting’s just not me Goin’ back to school Mama didn’t raise no fool I’m gonna be a man I’m goin’ back to school My marks are gonna rule Or they’ll be my last My first week in I never felt so tall But there’s still a few people I avoid in the halls When I changed for gym, found a note on my back It said "Don’t kick him, he might be someone’s dad"How am I supposed to finish this test? What about these trains coming from the east and west. And you expect me to tell you how fast? They’re just made up fucking trains. I turned my homework in I didn’t do so well And when mom gets in she’s gonna ring my bell. Why the fuck am I?
Track Name: Every Single One
Silence I suggest to you so you don’t have to vocalize so much.I don’t wanna know your story my god, what can’t you open up. I never try to talk to you ‘cause when I talk I wanna yell. I don’t know what keeps me goin’ but I’m still lying to myself. I haven’t had a meltdown in three or four years I’ll tell you some people lose some of their marbles well I lost every single one I thought that I could change for you but you saw right through me that fall. Now I’m trying to change for myself and you don’t notice me at all. I looked up addicted it fit me perfect. My head is spinnin’ but it was worth it. Why can’t you get it it’s you you’re pushin’ away. How would you explain it when you act like you can’t get enough. I’ve been stuck around your finger and you’ve been tryin’ to cut me off. I know I shoulda learned from this you’d think I’d be over it by now. I still have a clear delusion that you’ll believe in this somehow Last week I was dreamin’ you took my hand and I woke up next to you again it happened. Those weren’t my feelings its you you’re pushin’ away
Track Name: You Can't Just Go Around Killing People
My bedroom stinks like blood and whiskey. My mirror stares I know it can see. The things I’ve done and hide behind my eyes. Who says you can’t just go around killing people you can’t just go around killing people. The morning calls for bloody mary’s. My friends don’t call they think I’m scary. They see things I hide behind my eyes. I don’t wanna do the things that I will do I don’t wanna see the things that I will see think its best if you stay the fuck away from me. Cause I dress like a fucking fairy I spend my time in the cemetery. Now I’ve got nothing to do So I’ll be waiting in the dark for you. Got my knife it’s drawn and ready. The voices say to keep it steady. I used to think I was crazy but I know I’m just bored and lazy. (He’s a fucking Fairy) Who says you cant just go around killing People. I ask why
Track Name: Permanent Midnight
Ten years have gone by, I’ve made up my mind. I’m willing to try this time I’ll better myself, make up for lost time. What have I done, someone. Havin’ fun hangin’ out at the permanent midnight. This place is a jungle I can’t even make out the streetlight. Man check my heartbeat it’s been slow since I’ve been lyin’ to myself. Havin’ fun hangin’ out At the permanent midnight. I gave it my most and that was just fine. What did I care, I swear Never hurt anyone, just poked fun. I opened my eyes, I was so unkind. No such thing as a permanent just right. What have I done, someone. Responsaliberties are hurting me (can’t make it on your own Without someone to hold your hand) Praise my efficiency (Big up yourself, but you’re still lazy) Can’t just move on without a plan
Track Name: Wayne
Well your boyfriend just ran out of town after months and months of screwing around. Angel Î feel bad for you but it goes downhill from here. I bet your sister $20 that she couldn’t blow me. She packed my nine it aint a gun and blew the $20 on weed. Angel this aint anything against you and me. My feelings for your sister and your cousin aren’t that deep. My feelings are weak. Met you when you were 17 made me think of wedding rings. Then pawn shops then liquor stores where I couldn’t get a fucking job. My friend Wayne he thinks you’re cute, he told me to hit that too. Wayne I prolly shouldn’t do Shorty’s got a broken heart. Angel this ain’t anything but silly little games. God knows every burning passion starts with a flame. Talking bout flames. Your man he left you for my dad those benders took the Cadillac to OBT U.S.A. It’s wrong that he took all your thongs. He rubbed them on his dong. What a Shitty day.
Track Name: Eraser
I don’t wanna fight I just want to see the end of you I promise I won’t bite Just wanted to get my hands on you I’m so sick and tired Of giving up before I have to Got a bunch of loaded gunsAnd I can’t choose cause man I love them all Oh don’t get uptight It’s not like you don’t have it coming The more you try and fight The harder this will be for both of usNow give me what I need Got two chances to convince me What gives me the right? To make you say your prayers before you die I see you erasing these people and places That one day would be the end of weHope you won’t miss us when I come to kill us A fitting end for them to grieveSo our time has come (you don’t know a thing about me)Outnumbered two to none (none wont even try to fight ‘em)(You don’t wanna fight) I changed my mind cause I was nervousI’m so sick and tired, don’t talk when I’m talking don’t talk when I’m talking I see you erasing these people and places That one day would be the end of you
Track Name: Karate Bonnie
Karate Bonnie please don’t go, don’t go to The Scissors show. Those guys are really cool, they sure know how to move. Karate Bonnie please just stay, stay away when The Scissors play. Those guys are out of sight, I won’t put up a fight. Hey Karate Bonnie you know you got somebody. That’s gonna get with you, fucking hugging and kissing you. Karate Bonnie please don’t go, Don’t go where the scissors go. They’ve been to LYONS PARK!, I’m talkin’ after dark. Karate Bonnie why won’t you stay, stay away when the scissors play. Those guys got no respect, have you heard a word I’ve said? I know they said things like “she’s not even that hot.” Listen sweetheart don’t you go believe them. I know they made you out to be something you’re not. Just don’t go and give them all a reason, a mother fucking reason. So stay away karate, they only want your body. They want nothing to do with you, yeah I’m sorry I’ve had a few. Karate Bonnie please don’t go, don’t go to The Scissors show. Those guys are pretty cool
Track Name: Spring Break
Save Daylight ‘Cause School has passed This week just might be our last When Monday Comes Change your locks Tuesday I’ll be smoking Rocks We don’t need south beach or the Cancoooooon Just Some where to howl at the moon Wednesday night Drunk Gunfight F.O.I.D. it’s alright Looking at the Hoochies in the back of my truck Watch Fight Club Before we all fuck We don’t need south beach or the Cancun Just Some where to howl at the moon ‘Cause its Spring Break Were gonna tear shit up this week Were gonna find a way to Live out all our fantasies and make them a reality Now we know were stronger than Spring Break It’s Spring Break…Heaven Wait Seven Days Found Myself with Seven Babes 16 arms 15 legs We played Sexy Simon Says Woke up screwed to my alarm Shoelaces around my arm rested my head on the window sill a Billboard said "Welcome to Hell"
Track Name: Lower Your Gun
Look at me now a total disgrace. You followed me down, down to the lake. If we survive, ill bring a piece of it. Cause there’s a chance that we won’t come back. A sea of green, amidst a darkened past.Don’t know if I believe in things that I haven’t seen. All of my life we knew that you were a dream.Hope he was right the man from Aberdeen…he has to be. Steady your feet get ready to bail. Look at the moon, and the moon in her scales.I can see it now there’s no7where to run. No turning back, and lower your gun. Late in October the leaves have fallen down on me. I know there’s something out there something lurks beneath. Goodbye my new friend a man I met from Aberdeen. Welcome the darkness as I fall into the sea. I will remember your face and how the man had lied. Your face was perfect...the lasting look before I died. I will remember how your life sort of took over mine. I know that I believe in things that I haven’t seen. I lost control, I was obsessed with a dream. I guess he was right the man from Aberdeen…he had to be
Track Name: The Hating Game
There was a time when I thought we could put the past to rest. I here that’s hard to do with a knife still buried in your chest. If you could see my face, if you could see inside my head you’d finally realize, the one who killed you now is dead. One knife to ease my pain there’s no need to say her fucking name. And I wish you well my friend. Let this hating game we play begin again. Behold the living dead. A nightmare that lives inside your head and comes to you in dreams. The only one that hears you scream. And should we meet again believe me those screams will never end. It has to be this way next time your heads the price you pay. One knife to ease your pain. There’s no need to say her fucking name. And I wish you well my friend Let this hating game we play begin again. I walk alone down city streets past grave yard stones. A rotting soul I will always be. From here and now to eternity, your enemy. One knife to ease our pain. Christ I’m sure I know you feel the same. And I wish you well my friend ‘Cause This hating game we play can never end.
Track Name: The Man
How long is forever man. will I ever breathe again. The sun’s been down for days now I’ve lost count of them. I can’t feel my feet today. But I welcome this price I pay. The things I used to want I’ve grown to need. If I ever see the man I’ll bow my little head. How I suffer while the masses seem at ease. If I ever see the man I’ll know my journey’s end. Just hope I push myself to make it by the eve. You’d call me a runaway. I’m just on a holiday. Couldn’t stand the sight of those four walls anymore. I used to sit there quarantined. On bad terms that floor and me. I’ve said it was as far as I could see. Come on. If I ever see the man. I’ll do the best I can. Think its hilarious he’s not expecting me. Will I ever greet the man. Can’t believe his massive plan. On a scale from one to ten, well you know what I mean. I mean C’mon. Yesterday I made up my mind. Won’t let the distance keep me waiting for the moment I arrive. For heaven’s sake the road’s nearly in sight. After all the man has blessed me with the willingness to try. This gift I am thankful for. Should I be expecting more? I’ll cut out the middle man who happens to be...The Man. If I ever see the man I’ll say I’m here to stand up for those of us who totally believe. If I ever see the man I’ll finally get the chance to see a side of him they don’t show on TV. What’s today have I just lost my mind? I see pictures in the sky I feel fidgety inside. For heaven’s sake I’m about to cry.After all the man has blessed me with I’m barely getting by. If I ever see the man He’ll know I understand that everything he gave me didn’t come for free. If I ever see the manI’ll shake his fuckin’ hand. It’s unbelievable how he can reach those speeds. When I finally meet the man I’ll probably see him and wonder how he’s lived this long judging by what he eats.